Chicago Restaurants

Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Chicago

Chicago has a rich tradition of fine dining establishments, and each time I visit... 

Best Sushi Bars in Chicago

Don’t let the fact that Chicago is in the middle of the country fool you, this... 

Best Bars in Chicago

Chicago has a vibrant nightlife which has been illustrated in Hollywood films and... 

Best Wine Bars in Chicago

Looking to unwind after a hard day in fast-paced Chicago?  Well then I have good... 

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Chicago Lifestyle

Best Gyms and Health Clubs in Chicago

The Midwest may not be known for its fitness culture, but don’t tell these... 

Best Shopping in Chicago

Chicago has always been known for style and fashion, and that heritage has positively... 

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Living and Real Estate

Top Chicago Neighborhoods

Wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Looking for a peaceful place to raise your kids in a family-friendly atmosphere, then look no further than these beautiful Chicago neighborhoods.  The classical Midwest architecture will make you feel right at home, and the tall trees will make you forget that you live minutes away from one... [Read more of this review]

Best Places to Stay in Chicago

Business travelers can rejoice, Chicago is a luxury hotel paradise.  From name brand hotel chains to upscale lodging nooks, I think you will enjoy your stay in the windy city.  Over the years the city has also continued to draw families and tourists from all over the world and offers world-class accommodations for every style.  So whether you are... [Read more of this review]

Best Apartments and Condos in Chicago

The fast-paced city of Chicago offers a wide range of luxurious apartments and condos for its citizens.  Whether you are relocating to the city or going to school at one of the many prestigious universities, Chicago will put a roof over you head.  Much like New York or San Francisco, the best places to live can be found in the innumerable high rises... [Read more of this review]

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