Honolulu’s Best Dining Experiences

Considering that Honolulu is one of the most sought after vacations hotspots in... 

Honolulu’s Best Authentic Hawaiian Food

Whenever I travel I always like to sample the cultural food.  And if you are a... 

Honolulu’s Best Sushi Restaurants

When you visit an island resort city like Honolulu, you should expect great sushi... 

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Honolulu Living & Real Estate

Top Honolulu Neighborhoods

If you are looking for luxurious homes, it is hard to compare to the stunning properties... 

Honolulu Apartments and Condos

If you are looking to live in Honolulu for an extended period of time, you will... 

Best Places to Stay in Honolulu

Like most vacation cities, Honolulu has an excellent selection of high-class resorts... 

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Boutique, Antique & Speciality Stores

Besides for some of the most beautiful views in the world, Honolulu is also renown for its wide variety of shopping options.  Many other resort cities may have name brand designers, however Hawaii offers visitors shopping destinations exclusive to the island culture.  Read More →

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