About Lubbock 10

Hi, we’re CitySpur, and we have one goal: to take the guesswork out of the Yellowpage’s experience.  It’s very easy to get lost in the Yellowpages and wonder which businesses are quality establishments, that’s where we come in.  Our review staff travels around the country and places businesses and services in top 10 lists for every major category.  The writers come to their conclusions by a combination of:

  • Conducting Interviews with the Businesses Directly.
  • Meeting with Area-Specific Journalists.
  • Tallying Online Reviews.
  • Listening to You (You can submit a business for consideration by clicking here).

Can you ‘buy’ a listing on the site? Absolutely Not.  We keep our sales team separate from our review staff so that you, as a user, can be confident that we are choosing the top ten businesses based solely on their merits and NOT their advertising dollars.  If you’re interested in following our review team as they travel the country, feel free to follow them on Twitter by clicking here.

How to Use the Site

CitySpur creates a new site for every city, e.g. this is the site for Lubbock, Texas, and has the URL of: Lubbock10.CitySpur.com.  You can simply type this into your browser or you can search through another city on our National City Directory.  And if you’re city is not live yet, don’t worry, we’re adding new cities on a regular basis; and chances are you’re city will be launched shortly.

Once at a city site, you can find the best in that city using several different methods:

  • Type a Business or Business Category into the Search Bar located at the top right hand corner of the site.
  • Using the Navigation Bar, simply roll your mouse over the main category and the sub-categories will automatically drop down.
  • The Homepage, our most searched business are located throughout the homepage.

Also, make sure to follow our weekly travel show, the CitySpur Spotlight.  Our spokesperson, Allison Davis, reviews the best restaurants, hotels, family activities and pretty much everything else you can imagine in the US each Friday afternoon.  For the show page, click here.

Easy, right?  Well, now that you are a CitySpur expert please feel free to use the site as your new Yellowpages destination on the web.


CitySpur User Experience Team