Miami Living & Real Estate

Best Neighborhoods in Miami

If you are looking to move to Miami or simply relocate within the city, you will... 

Best Apartments and Condos in Miami

Miami’s condo lifestyle is one of my favorite in the country.  From apartments... 

Best Hotels and Resorts in Miami

This beachfront metropolis is legendary for having some of the most luxurious hotels... 

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Miami Lifestyle

Best Gyms and Health Clubs in Miami

It is no secret that physical appearance and personal fitness is a foundational cornerstone... 

Top Family Activities in Miami

The city of Miami may be known for its party culture and nightlife, however there... 

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Miami Bars, Clubs & Restaurants

Best Coffee Bars in Miami

Tired from all the party scene on South Beach?  Well, the city of Miami has an excellent variety of coffee shops throughout the city to step back and relax in.  And with the many cultures that reside in the city, you will be pleased to find a great assortment of coffee and tea options for you to choose from.  Below are the ten best coffee bar in... [Read more of this review]

Best Clubs in Miami

The city of Miami has one of the most vibrant nightlife’s of any city in the nation.  And with this reputation comes a wide variety of nightclubs to attend literally on a daily basis.  From bottle service to the hottest DJs, this city has everything you’ve imagined and much more.  Also, unlike most cities that close at midnight or 2am,... [Read more of this review]

Best Bars in Miami

Miami offers visitors a seemingly infinite number of bars throughout the city.  From lavish hotel bars to beachfront establishments, you will not run out of choices in this Floridian oasis.  Below are the ten best bars in Miami:  Read More →

Best Dining Experiences in Miami

The city of Miami exudes passion and taste, and these traits can be found in the fine dining restaurants throughout the city.  Combining flavor and style, these establishments will hold onto your taste buds and won’t let go.  From some of the best sushi restaurants in the world to luxurious steakhouses, South Beach has it all.  Below are the... [Read more of this review]

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