Top Lubbock Neighborhoods

Home Originally Built by the Fadduol Family

Without a doubt, Lubbock has one of the most undervalued markets in the State of Texas for luxury homes. With a wide range of styles and custom architecture, it was difficult to select only one neighborhood as the best place to live in Lubbock. The top honors went to the ‘Tanglewood’ community, I was amazed driving through the serene streets at the quality of home combined with the beauty of the natural surroundings. Along with architecture and style, I also gave Tanglewood the top placement due to its school zone and proximity to the city.

1. Tanglewood - NorthWest Lubbock

2. Lakeridge Country Club - SouthWest Lubbock

3. Tech Terrace - Central Lubbock

4. Highland Oaks - SouthWest Lubbock

5. Tejas Estates - West Lubbock

6. Rushland Park (Rush) - NorthWest Lubbock

7. Lubbock Country Club - NorthEast Lubbock

8. Kingsgate - South Lubbock

9. The Orchard - South Lubbock

10. Terra Estates - NorthWest Lubbock


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