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February 21, 2009 by Gerald Greenberg  
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About the Company:

Our Mission
Entrepreneurs and financiers need a lawyer who thinks like a business professional and can skillfully close a deal or draft a contract. They need an advisor to help develop a long-term relationship and solve those problems that are difficult to discuss objectively with friends or colleagues. At times, they need a litigator to pursue their business goals and protect their legal rights through the judicial system. At Feldman Weinstein & Smith, our goal is to satisfy the needs of each client on every assignment - to approach all matters creatively, efficiently, carefully and at a reasonable cost.

At Feldman Weinstein & Smith, all of our principal attorneys have had large firm experience and have broken free from the “golden handcuffs” of the big law firms. We prefer the independence and greater professional satisfaction possible in a smaller boutique firm catering to emerging growth and middle market companies, both public and private. Our clients benefit through direct access to senior attorneys on a regular basis.

Reasonable Cost; Flat Fees
Since we are free of the lumbering, wasteful bureaucracies of larger firms, our fees are typically about half those of the large and mid-size firms. Whenever possible, we prefer to work on a project fee basis, where a flat fee is agreed upon before starting work. We believe a flat fee maximizes our incentive to work efficiently, to simplify the transactional process, and to complete the project as quickly as possible. All of this is done without jeopardizing the protection our clients deserve.

Personal Attention
While we typically work as a team, we understand that most clients hire an attorney, not a law firm. Every client has consistent and direct contact with the principal attorney on their matter. We do not pass work on to junior colleagues without your consent or train associates at your expense. All of our attorneys apply a four-hour telephone callback rule for clients, though typically the response time is shorter. As a result of the extra attention from senior attorneys, we have developed a strong reputation for solving problems that seem insoluble, facilitating resolutions without unnecessary litigation, and, when necessary, litigating from a position of strength.

Contact Information:

Phone: 212-869-7000
Address: 420 Lexington Ave Ste 2620
New York, NY 10170

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