Best BBQ Restaurants in Austin Best BBQ Restaurants in Austin

I’ve traveled around the world, and when I want great BBQ I always come back... 

Best Restaurants in Austin

Austin may be one of the best cities in the country to visit if you are a dining... 

Best Mexican Food Restaurants in Austin

If you like tex-mex as much as myself, Austin Mexican restaurants will leave you... 

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Austin Lifestyle

Top Family Destinations Top Family Destinations

Austin has some great places for family oriented fun.  I had a difficult time deciding... 

Best Gyms & Health Clubs in Austin Best Gyms & Health Clubs in Austin

I am definitely a fan of a “community” style health club.  If I am able... 

Austin’s Best Golf Courses

Like many other cities with beautiful weather all-year round, Austin boasts some... 

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Living and Real Estate

Best Places to Live in Austin

Austin is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve had the pleasure of living in.  Its climate allows for trees and grass to remain a luscious green practically all year round and despite its growth, it has maintained its charm.  Out of all the neighborhoods I’ve visited, I never cease to be amazed at the beauty of the landscaping and architecture,... [Read more of this review]

Best Apartments and Condos in Austin

Whether you are a student or young professional, Austin has a terrific lineup of apartments and condos for great prices compared to other metropolitan areas around the country.  So which complex won the top honors?  Well, if you are like me and enjoy sitting out by the pool, I think you will enjoy living at the Bella Sarah Apartments.  As you can... [Read more of this review]

Best Places to Stay in Austin

Austin has become a top business and tourist hotspot over the past few years, and with the increase in visitors, the lodging accommodations have improved dramatically.  From traditional hotels to quaint bed & breakfast destinations, I’ve enjoyed my tour of the city’s best places to stay.  The top spot of the hotels and lodging list... [Read more of this review]

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