Thanks for your interest in advertising with us, and I think you’ll appreciate the way we do business. No matter the size of your business, you can reach new customers who are looking for the best in your city.


A Premium Listing places your company above the rest and is the first thing a user will see when searching for the best in your business category. As shown here, a premium listing includes an image, link for maps & directions, link to your website, and a link to see your video if you have one (and if not don’t worry, we can help out with that too!). We’ve seen businesses that have a premium listing get 5 to 10 times the amount of web traffic that a normal listing receives. The fee for a premium listing is only $50/month for the year. As opposed to our competitors, we restrict the number of premium listings to 2 per category, so that your business is guaranteed to get the attention it deserves.


The days of placing banners on a website and hoping the campaign works are over, the CitySpur Hyperlocal Banner service is guaranteed to drive targeted users to your company’s website or profile. You only pay when a user clicks on your banner and visits your site, this dramatically reduces the risk of marketing online and is a safe method of acquiring new customers with minimal expense. And if you don’t have banners don’t worry, our design team can create them for you. There is no minimum to buy, so whether you are looking to spend $10 or $10,000 a month, this program can work for your company.


The results are in, and it’s undeniable, Online Video is one of the most powerful tools you can use to market a local business or service. With a CitySpur Business Profile, customers will be able to see maps to your location, your hours of operation, coupons, any marketing material you want to include, and most importantly…an Online Video that advertises your company. Along with placing the video on your profile, CitySpur also syndicates your commercial across the web to sites such as YouTube, Yahoo!, along with many others. With this service, your company’s video will be shown to thousands of highly-engaged potential customers living in your city. To have a video profile, it is only $10 per month for the year, you can also place our HD video player on your own site.


It is no longer optional, in the digital age having a website is a prerequisite for increasing sales and maintaining a positive relationship with pre-existing clients. The challenges to creating a website are typically high design and programming fees, poor execution, and lack of technology experience. However with the CitySpur Site Creator service, our design staff will create a premium website for your business at a fraction of the cost typically associated with web design. The CitySpur Site Creator Sites are developed with the following features: A high-class design and appearance, Your company’s logo integration, Pre-programmed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Hosting, Contact submission forms, Lead Generation functionality, 1 Week turnaround time, Multimedia integration for video and/audio, and Detailed web traffic analytics. The cost for customizing your company’s website is only $1,000. Many clients that take advantage of the CitySpur Site Creator Service see several thousand users visiting their new site shortly after launching.

So let’s review, being associated with the best in your industry is key to attracting new consumers as well as retaining pre existing customers. Let CitySpur be your partner and help you connect with customers and clients in your city. I’ll ask again, isn’t it time you’re yellowpages marketing investment turned to gold? Contact us today by calling toll free: 877-815-8541 or email us directly by clicking here.