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Florida Doctors Insurance Company Acquires Physicians Preferred Insurance Company and Physicians Preferred Insurance Management, LLC

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Florida Doctors Insurance Company (FLDIC) announced today it has successfully completed a merger and acquisition of Physicians Preferred Insurance Company (PPIC), making FLDIC the fourth largest admitted writer of physicians and surgeons medical professional liability insurance in Florida. The transaction was overwhelmingly approved by the shareholders of PPIC and has received the approval of the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. In a related transactio

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Florida Doctors Insurance Company Acquires Physicians Preferred Insurance Company and Physicians Preferred Insurance Management, LLC

Doctors From Former Soviet States Learn New Brain Surgery Techniques In Israel

The Media Line Staff Dozens of doctors from Kazakhstan, Georgia, Russia and other republics of the former Soviet Union have packed themselves into a room on the 12th floor of Tel Aviv’s Ichilov hospital. They gaze intently at two huge plasma TV screens. Some take notes, others point and whisper comments to their colleagues. On screen is a pair of world renowned interventional neurosurgeons performing brain surgery on a 26-year-old woman. It is a complicated procedure since it is being done without ever having to touch the skull. “What we are dealing with is a very difficult and a new type of medical procedure,” says Dr. Alex Berenstein, a pioneering interventional neurologist based in New York. “We want to excite them about it.” Berenstein has teamed up with his Israeli colleague, endovascular neurosurgeon Prof. Shimon Maimon to hold a training conference in Tel Aviv for the Russian-speaking doctors to help spread this new, less-invasive medical technique. According to the World Health Organization strokes and other cerebral hemorrhaging incidents are the leading cause of death in middle incomes worldwide. Doctors in Israel, France, Turkey and the United States have been perfecting delicate endovascular neurosurgery procedures for the past decade but these procedures are only now reaching the rest of the world. “We started to do lots of cases during the last year and a half,” says Dr. Yerbol Makhambetov, a senior neurosurgeon from Kazakhstan. “We can do simple cases ourselves and if it is a difficult case we can cooperate with Dr. Maimon and perform operations together.” Because of licensing restrictions in the United States and because of the plethora of Russian-language expertise and top-notch hospitals in Israel, it was decided to bring 120 doctors from member states of the former Soviet Union to Tel Aviv. They’ve come not only to hear about the latest technologies but to see it performed first hand. “I can give you 25 hours of lectures,” says the energetic Berenstein. “But one word cannot match a picture or actually see a real life demonstration.” After two days of lectures the doctors gather in Ichilov hospital to watch and learn. In the operating room on the ground floor is a young woman who suffers from a birth defect which could cause a fatal stroke. On the screen is a radiological ‘road map’ of the brain’s major arteries. Every word spoken by the doctors is translated into Russian. “What we are going to try doing is to go and navigate without opening the head,” Berenstein says. “We will go from the blood vessel of the leg, one of the branches of the tree, into the main trunk of the tree, the aorta, into the blood vessels of the brain and then liquid material which is like silly putty, will be injected very slowly and will harden to create a cast of this bizarre amorphous piece of anatomy.” Prof. Maimon pushes the guidewire from the femoral artery in the leg, deep inside the young woman’s brain. He is hunting for an Arterio-Venous Malformation, or AVM. This ’short circuit’ of the brain could rupture and cause cerebral hemorrhaging. Once they find it, the doctors inject a newly-developed, non-adhesive, silly-putty-like glue called Onyx to seal the vessel. Dr. Sergey Pashnin, a neurosurgeon from Cholybinsk in the Urals, is clearly impressed. “We learned a lot and we find this meeting very useful,” Pashnin says. “We will come back to Russia more educated.” Berenstein says there are Russian doctors who are also very experienced in the new endovascular techniques, but the conference in Israel was aimed at reaching doctors from areas outside the main cities. The plan is for Berenstein and other experts to follow up the conference with a series of training courses and master classes in the various former Soviet republics. “Now we can give our colleagues in Kazakhstan basic knowledge of endovascular procedures,” says Dr. Makhambetov. Dr. Vladimir Zelman, a Russian-born neurologist who now lives in Los Angeles, believes Israel was the natural place for such a conference since it had many Russian-speaking immigrants and a high level of medicine. “Here today were presentations on how we can provide better care for less money,” Zelman says. “Russia and Israel have started to become much closer.” He notes that today’s young doctors in the former Soviet republics don’t necessarily suffer from the institutionalized anti-Semitism rampant during the Communist era. “This young generation is absolutely not politicized. Â…These young people who came here will be big ambassadors and they will tell everybody in Russia that Israel is a beautiful country, very friendly, even that it is like a model of a modern society.” Perhaps, but for Dr. Berenstein his aim is not just to promote friendship, but to ultimately improve health care with a cheaper, closed surgery technique with lower risk factors. “Physicians are people who are very passionate about what they do,” Berenstein says. “There is no better way than to see how you cure somebody in front of your eyes. Then you may have the ability to translate that and cure other patients.” Article © AHN - All Rights Reserved

Fitting into Favorite Jeans Beats Doctors’ Orders When It Comes to Motivating Women to Exercise

VANCOUVER, Wash.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Jeans too tight? Could be just what the doctor ordered. A new study reveals women would be more likely to start a new exercise program if they couldn’t fit into their favorite jeans (52 percent) than if they received advice from their doctors (37 percent), according to a study by Kelton Research for fitness equipment leader Nautilus, Inc. Nautilus, which this fall introduced the Mobia™ home cardio machine to deliver a workout as easy - but twi

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Fitting into Favorite Jeans Beats Doctors’ Orders When It Comes to Motivating Women to Exercise

Boeing Selects Best Doctors to Help Employees Get the Right Care

BOSTON-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Best Doctors, Inc., a provider of employer-based health benefits that help members get the right care, today announced that The Boeing Company, the world’s leading aerospace company, has selected Best Doctors’ benefit to include among its portfolio of Well Being resources. Through Best Doctors, Boeing employees and their dependents now have access to some of the nation’s most advanced medical expertise when they are uncertain about their diagnosis or tr

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Boeing Selects Best Doctors to Help Employees Get the Right Care

Do You Feel You’ve Suffered From Your Doctor’s Neglect? Contact A Malpractice Attorney Now!

A Chicago medical malpractice attorney can turn out to be your best friend in the case that you become a victim of a careless doctor.

There are many people who file a malpractice suit every year for something they feel a doctor did that could have been avoided. As children we are all told that we have to go to the doctor to get treated when we are sick, but what happens when your doctor visit becomes a living nightmare?

That is when you call a malpractice attorney. Many doctors do not like to treat patients that have a past medical history for a particular problem because of the fear of a lawsuit. But the point of the matter is that if they were to treat people with pre-existing conditions they could prevent a great deal of lawsuits from being filed against them.

Malpractice can occur in many different ways, such as experimental surgery or a surgery that is not performed to the best of the hospital’s ability (ie: using cheaper, less effective methods to save the hospital money, and in turn, sacrificing a patient’s health). Basically, any situation in which a patient suffers due to the carelessness of a doctor is considered a form of medical malpractice. A Chicago malpractice lawyer can help you seek justice in any such cases.

Chicago medical malpractice attorneys want people to know that they have rights and they should not have to fall subject to any sort of harsh treatment justice shall be done for all. A lawyer will evaluate your case carefully and help assist you in the right legal action that needs to be taken to assure that your human rights are upheld.

If you have any doubts about treatment you have received recently from a doctor, it would be best for you to call or meet with a malpractice attorney as soon as possible to discuss the case. No one should have to suffer in silence, and the chances are that you are not the only patient who has suffered at the hands of your doctor.

Dr. Nick Nicholson Selected as D Magazine Best Doctor Third Year in a Row

DALLAS-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Nicholson Clinic founder, Dr. Nick Nicholson, is one of the Best Bariatric Surgeons in Dallas, according to D Magazine’s annual list of Best Doctors. The 2009 list of Best Doctors in Dallas showcases the top 729 physicians in 40 specialties as voted on by their peers. “Being recognized as one of the top bariatric surgeons in Dallas for the third year in a row is an honor I am very proud of, mainly because it is voted on by my peers in the medical community,&#

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Dr. Nick Nicholson Selected as D Magazine Best Doctor Third Year in a Row

Find the Best in Birmingham, Alabama


The beautiful city of Birmingham, Alabama, has been an epicenter of business and commerce for well over a million people and continues to develop as each day passes by.

This Southern metropolis ranks as one of the most important business centers in the Southeastern United States and is also one of the largest banking centers in the U.S. In addition, the Birmingham area serves as headquarters to one Fortune 500 company and five Fortune 1000 companies are headquartered in Birmingham.

To discover the very best that Birmingham has to offer, please visit the city site: