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Condos and luxury hotels in Puerto Vallarta – offering exciting facilities to their visitors

Puerto Vallarta condo rentals are exclusively in demand among the beach vacationers having special liking for places around Mexico. These condos offer a exciting opportunity to enjoy a comfortable stay near to the popular beaches in Puerto Vallarta. There are a number of travel websites from where you can get details of the Puerto Vallarta condo rentals. If you are craving for a sunny tropical vacation then Puerto Vallarta condos rentals are surely an ideal option for you. These condos surrounded by shopping hot spots, recreation clubs, and of course the blue stretch of the sea, offer opportunities for range of activities like beach shopping, fun games and gulping on the exotic food all while gazing the wonderful sea side.

You can shop from personalized bracelets to stylish wardrobes at good exchange rates on the nearby shopping complexes of the Puerto Vallarta condo rentals. Lodgers can opt for fun activities too like parasailing, jet skiing and surfing on the beautiful beaches of the pacific oceans where these condominiums are located.

Beach vacationers can also opt for Luxury hotels Puerto Vallarta nestled near to the popular beaches of Puerto Vallarta. The Luxury hotels Puerto Vallarta can offer a range of services, such as stylishly decorated guest rooms having luxurious beds fully fitted with television, DVD player and modern bathrooms for lodgers.

Guests residing in the Luxury hotels Puerto Vallarta can enjoy the dramatic view of the ocean right from the gallery attached to their rooms. The best aspect of residing in the beachside luxury hotels and condominiums is that lodgers can make frequent visits to the exotic beaches attend the beach parties, beach sports, or a leisurely walk with the spouse, friends or family, without sparing too much time on traveling.

Another alluring advantage of opting to a stay in the condominiums of Puerto Vallarta is that they offer modern amenities for their lodgers to stay in best of comfort. Right from maid services to scrumptious food options to the lodgers they are popular for their prompt and quality service.

The price of these condominiums is subject to the extent of luxury you choose to pamper yourself in and the duration of the stay. The rooms of these condos are elegantly furnished and certainly add to the total experience of one’s stay in Puerto Vallarta.

Free parking is another complimentary feature that many of these condos and luxury hotels in the Puerto Vallarta region offer to their visitors.

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Orlando Vacation Condos: The Most Economical Accommodations You Can Get

Rising costs and a weakening economy may get you wondering how on earth you can enjoy a planned vacation at Disney World. There is no reason to cancel your plans because accommodations in the Orlando area are probably much cheaper than you have imagined. The secret to getting the most economical accommodations in the Orlando area is to look for vacation condos, condominiums that are available for daily and weekly rent.

Vacation condos are not only inexpensive but they are downright comfortable, convenient and luxurious. They are all fully furnished, air conditioned. In addition they are situated in resort communities that have a number of amenities that will be attractive to any vacationer. These amenities include a TV and DVD player in each room, a Community Clubhouse, tennis courts, basketball, swimming pool and on-site cinema. In addition it is possible to get condos that have high speed Internet connections and unlimited local and long distance telephones.

A two bedroom, two bath condo near Disney World can sleep up to six people comfortably. All of the condos are furnished and have well equipped kitchens that are ready to use. The condos are well located, in resort communities that are just minutes away from Disney World and other Orlando attractions. Many of these communities are served by shuttle buses that will take you to the attractions and to nearby shopping. You will not have to spend long hours in your car when you stay in one of these rental condos.

I started off talking about economy, so let’s look at what it costs to get a rental condo near Disney World. If you come in the low season then it will only cost you $99 per day to rent a two bedroom, two bath condo. If you come with six people then you are spending less than $17 per person per day. You will never get so much luxury at this price in any hotel. If you come during the peak season of Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving or Easter then the rate rises to $140 per day, which is still cheaper than hotel accommodations.

In addition to saving money by avoiding the hotel, the condo option also allows you to prepare your own meals whenever you like, saving you additional money as well as giving you flexibility. Even if you come with a large family you will still get more space and be more comfortable in a condo than you would be in a hotel.

In order to get the best accommodations at the best price then it is important to reserve your condo in advance. You can choose from two or three bedroom condos or you can opt for a three bedroom, three bath townhome. Whatever you choose you will be able to combine luxury, economy and convenience in accommodations that will allow you to enjoy your long-awaited Orlando vacation.

So, don’t let bad economic news get you down. If you are careful in your choice of accommodations you will have the time of your life in Orlando and Disney World and still remain within your budget. Look around for the condo or townhome that is just right for you and your family, reserve it and get ready for a great vacation.

Mark Whichard is an Orlando vacation specialist and frequently writes about Orlando tourism. Visit his website for great deals on Orlando vacation condos:

Orlando Vacation Condos: The Perfect Accommodations Choice For a Disney World Vacation

A vacation in Disney World in Orlando, Florida is surely something to look forward to, but a successful vacation also requires some preparation especially when it comes to choosing accommodations. In case you are still deciding on where to stay when you visit the Orlando area, let me explain some of the benefits of Orlando vacation condos, condominium apartments that are available to vacationers for rent on a nightly or weekly basis.

During the past ten years there has been a tremendous boom in vacation condo rentals and vacation home rentals in the Orlando area. The reason for this boom is simply that vacation condo rentals and vacation home rentals provide a tremendous combination of space, luxury, convenience and economy that savvy vacationers have been eager to take advantage of.

Let’s consider the issue of space first. If you stay in a hotel you and your family will be cramped into one or two small rooms. Sure you can put up with it for a week, and you will not spend all your time at the hotel, but have you ever considered that you do not live your life at home in one or two rooms, so why should you start doing it when you are trying to relax on your vacation. The vacation condo rentals are spacious, with two or three bedrooms, large living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. The condos also have two bathrooms. You will definitely have room to stretch out in and relax yourself.

I mentioned luxury and the reason for this is that the vacation condos are situated in communities that have community clubhouses with game-rooms, fitness centers, movie theaters, swimming pools, playgrounds, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts. The condos are also fully furnished and equipped with TVs, DVD players and in many cases high speed Internet service and a free international/long distance telephone service.

Convenience is another important benefit of staying in a vacation condo. The condos are located in resort communities that are only minutes away from Disney World and other Orlando attractions. There are plenty of shopping facilities and restaurants adjacent to or nearby the condos. On top of that, many of the condominiums offer a free shuttle service that will take you to all the attractions. You can forget about spending long hours in your car or fighting with traffic jams.

If you are traveling with your family or a group of people you can save a lot of money by staying in a rental condo. For example, a two bedroom, two bath condo, big enough to comfortably accommodate six people can be rented for as little as $99 per night during the low season, and no more than $140 per night in the holiday seasons (Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving and Easter).

I gave the example of a two bedroom condo, but you can also get condos and townhomes with three bedrooms as well. The important thing is to start looking for the condo that is best for you and your family and to make your reservation in advance. Early selection and reservation is especially important if you are planning to take your vacation during the holiday periods.

So, if you want to get luxurious, comfortable but economic accommodations in the Orlando area, then consider a renting a vacation condo.

Mark Whichard is an Orlando vacation specialist and frequently writes about Orlando tourism. Visit his website for great deals on Orlando vacation condos:

Priceline to Now Offer Condos and Vacation Properties and LeisureLink announced today that’s published-price hotel service will offer its customers booking access to LeisureLink’s network of condos, timeshares, vacation properties and boutique resorts in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

“LeisureLink’s extensive inventories in the condominium and vacation property categories will enable to offer our customers even more choice and value when it comes to making their vacation lodging reservations,” said Tim Gordon,’s Senior Vice President, Hotels.

“Vacation rental management companies have taken a cue from hotels and the explosive growth in online lodging sales over the past decade. They are increasingly offloading legacy practices to adapt and compete in a more hotel-centric distribution landscape,” said Douglas Quinby, senior director of research and co-author of PhoCusWright’s Vacation Rental Marketplace: Poised for Change. “The step by to incorporate vacation rentals in its lodging shopping path is a significant indicator of the transformation underway in the vacation rental industry marketplace.”

“We believe that LeisureLink’s broad array of vacation condo, timeshare and boutique resort properties will make a great addition to’s lodging service,” said Erik Hovanec, president and CEO of LeisureLink. “LeisureLink’s properties also mesh well with’s commitment to deliver quality and significant savings to the budget-conscious leisure travel market.”

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